I kinda forgot about tumblr, oops.

camp ended and i miss my campers. not all of them, but most of them I miss. A few of them I miss tremendously. On the last day, everyone in my group started crying and hugging each other.. maybe we are all just emotional wrecks but we were the only group to start crying the way we did, and i think that says something about how great our chemistry was all summer. I mean, no other group, from what I had seen, had gotten along so well and had as much fun as we did. I’m sad it’s over, especially because the nature of the job means it doesn’t happen for another year. 

On the last night we all went out, which was a lot of fun.. it got a little weird at the end of the night between me and one of the other counselors… I really didn’t expect it to happen. but I think he was just drunk and I’m sure it was nothing. 

This has probably been the most eventful summer of my life so far. And I might have another UTI, but thats a whole other thing.

i just worked for 12 hours and i’m exhausted and hungry and cranky and i don’t understand why i am still expected to run errands for and feed my bum ass friend who has no job or class or any remote form of responsibility. 

i feel like at this rate i’m going to end up dead in the hudson river one morning. maybe i should stop talking to strangers.

here’s is something i’ve realized: 

life doesn’t get harder, or easier; it just gets bigger.

Teach girls to take harassment as a compliment, then shame them when they can’t tell abuse from love.

womb there it is

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